Breakout Session 2

Amy Storer (FriEdTech)

Strand: General (All K-12)

Presented by

Ball Room 10:00-10:50

Getting the Best Bang for your Buck with Google Workspace Upgrades:

Find out more about the benefits and product upgrades available when you purchase Google Workspace for Education Plus. From increased security to extra features in Classroom, Google Workspace for Education upgrades gets you a terrific bang for your buck!

Shashank Avvaru

Strand: All K-12

Room 213 10:00-10:50

STAYING SAFE ONLINE: Cyber Safety for K-12 Educators

Between 2016 and 2020 there were 855 publicly disclosed cyber incidents in schools across the United States. Of the roughly 80% of K-12 educators who taught virtually during the 2020-21 school year, only 44% of them reported as having received basic cybersecurity training. The education sector continues to be a top target for cyber criminals around the world which makes it even more important now for educators to learn how to be safe online.

Jessica Herring-Watson

Strand: Online Teaching

Room 214 10:00-10:50

Cultivating Belonging in Online Learning Spaces

Online learning can feel isolating for many students, which can lead to a lack of student persistence in successfully completing online courses. In this interactive session, participants will learn about strategies for cultivating belonging in online learning spaces. The session will begin with a discussion of why belonging is a critical element of ensuring students' persistence and success in online learning and will outline several practical strategies for supporting learners' sense of belonging in online courses.

Terri Cullen

Strand: All K-12

Room 215 10:00-10:50

XR, AR and VR: This Technology is Available to Your Students Now

In this presentation we will discuss what XR, AR, and VR are, what are the budget and nonbudget ways to have access to it, and how it can be incorporated into learning. A focus on workforce development applications will be discussed.

Kirsten Wilson

Strand: Administration

Room 223 10:00-10:50

Fostering SEL for Teachers in Online and Blended Learning Environments

Relationships are THE most important avenue to foster student learning and motivation. In order for teachers to do this, it must be modeled by their administration/leadership. When our teachers' SEL needs are nurtured and cared for, they, in turn, do so for their students. Learn ways that administrators can purposefully and authentically address the SEL needs of their teachers, which in turn addresses the SEL needs of students. Find out how you can keep teachers' "buckets" full... we all know you can't support one another if you are working from an empty vessel.

Haley Lane

Strand: Online Teaching

Room 224 10:00-10:25

Test, Test... Is this mic on?

This session with introduce participants to using podcasts in the virtual education world. Specific focus on using podcasting for academics, incentives, announcements, and community building in an elementary or middle school setting.

Josh Vest

Strand: Online Teaching

Room 224 10:25-10:50

Engaging Students in Online ELA Classrooms

This session will explore the structures of Bentonville Schools Virtual School and highlight English Language Arts instruction in online settings.

Travis Taylor

Strand: All K-12

Room 225 10:00-10:25

All-in-One livestreaming and recording solution for the classroom with the ATEM mini Pro

The ATEM Mini Pro gives teachers the ability to live stream events or record video. This low-cost solutions provide a total solution for teachers and reduces the need for complex accessories, giving the classroom a more professional quality video for lessons, events or student media production. The ATEM allows teachers to record and/or stream video with multiple cameras and graphic overlays. Combine this with AR Digital Sandbox, and you have a complete system for recording and producing classroom or school video projects.

Angie Zimmerman

Strand: All K-12

Room 225 10:25-10:50

Oh the Many Things You Can Do with Canva

Canva is a tool for educators and students that gives a great "tech" edge to projects. Whether small or large, for social media, or the classroom, it is an easy-to-use tool that simply blows me away. This session will be an overview of what Canva has to offer.