Breakout Session 5

Ashley Cooksey

Strand: Teaching Elementary School

Room 214 2:00-2:50

Picture Books and Problem Solving: The coding connection

Can picture books teach coding concepts? Absolutely! In this session, we will take a look at multiple picture books that provide a segue into coding. Participants will explore whole group hands-on unplugged coding for beginners (both students AND teachers). Sequencing, stacks and queues, conditionals and events are just a few coding concepts that can be introduced through picture books. After introducing young coders to basic coding concepts, extend their coding knowledge with CodeSpark Academy and The Foos! Participants will receive links to shareable lesson plans using books from the session and a Padlet of resources.

Erin Shaw

Strand: All K-12

Room 215 2:00-2:50

Social-Emotional Wellbeing Strategies for an Online Environment -Erin Shaw

Social-emotional wellbeing is important for all of our students, but how can educators ensure students in an online learning environment are successful in more than just content? This session will provide a glimpse into strategies that can be used in online learning environments to ensure student’s social-emotional wellbeing is considered from screen time to mindfulness to content design. Participants will also learn strategies from a certified yoga teacher that can be used with students both in-person and online. Devices will be needed.

Shantail Miller

Strand: All K-12

Room 223 2:00-2:50

The Cloverdale Story: Teaching & Tech Bootcamp

In light of COVID-19, the face of education is changing daily right before our very eyes. The purpose of the Blended Learning Technology Boot Camp is to provide a space to examine foundational principles and establish systems and protocols for implementing best practices of online teaching. Teachers are provided strategies to help ensure student engagement, strengthen communication between home and school as well as safeguard educational equity for all as we strive to prepare student to face an ever-evolving digital society and global workforce.

During the camp, teachers engage in a combination of whole group and small group self-selected learning opportunities which include….

• managing 1:1 technology using Go Guardian/Apple Classroom

• effectively using learning management system to engage student

• learn to establish a strong teacher presence online

• learn to facilitate student/teacher collaboration and feedback

• explore ways to give students more flexibility over learning place, space, path & time

• use featured technology tools to create authentic student learning experiences

Amanda Perry

Strand: All K-12

Room 224 2:00-2:50

Using Pear Deck to Engage Learners

Experience what joining a Pear Deck session is like as a learner and leave with ideas and tips on creating your own interactive educational resource! This session will walk you through using Pear Deck as an engagement tool. Pear Deck works directly in Google Slides and is a great way to empower all learners in your face-to-face, virtual, or blended classroom or professional development trainings. Join this session to discover all the great ways to captivate your learners with this Google Add-on.

John Ashworth, Brandie Benton, Candace McPherson, & Paula McDougal

Strand: All K-12

Room 225 2:00-2:50

Taking Your Blended Course from Functional to Fabulous!