Breakout Session 4

Amy Storer (FriEdTech)

Strand: Teaching Elementary

Presented by

Ballroom 1:00-1:50

Creating a Google Slides App for Littles:

Video and audio directions are so crucial for our littles because they need explicit directions to complete tasks. In this session, participants will learn how to create an interactive slide app that incorporates video and audio to explain assignments and information.

Ray Girdler

Strand: Building or District Level Administration

Room 213 1:00-1:50

Tech Infused Panel Discussion with AR Building Principals

This session will feature a facilitated panel discussion with a handful of Arkansas building principals to discuss how technology is infused through their vision, survival, and relevance.

Rainbow Bagsby

Strand: All K-12

Room 214 1:00-1:50

Incorporating Digital Comprehension Checks and Self-Assessments with Interactives

Do you need an engaging tool to check for comprehension during synchronous or asynchronous instruction that is tailored to your lessons? Would you like students to enjoy self-assessment? In this session, participants will create free Wordwall and Genially accounts, explore a range of content types for various needs, practice creating interactives, and learn ways to share or reuse interactives.

Peggy Swift

Strand: Teaching Elementary School

Room 215 1:00-1:50

Creating Environments Conducive to Learning

In this session, you will learn how to turn non-productive class time into additional instructional minutes using powerful behavior-changing tools and techniques while building stronger relationships with your students.

With the numerous low level interruptions teachers experience each day, precious instructional time is lost. I will present strategies that can enhance learning, reduce teacher stress, and dramatically decrease the number of student referrals.

These smart, proven, practical strategies can be effectively used at every grade level. They are supported by leading educational researchers and have been tested in classrooms across America for over 20 years. Don’t get lost in the chaos controlling far too many classrooms today. Restore order, effectiveness, and the positive experiences that all teachers want in their classrooms. If classroom management is an area you struggle with, you do not want to miss this session.

Ashley Cooksey

Strand: All K-12

Room 223 1:00-1:50

Mindfulness and Self-care: Library resources to support students and faculty

Self-care and social-emotional wellbeing is extremely important in order for students and teachers to be their best selves. But, how can we ensure that our school libraries foster mindfulness, self-care, and inclusion?

Join Ashley Cooksey as she discusses mindfulness, self-care, and inclusion for your faculty and students, your school library facility, and your collection. Crowd-sourced resources will be created and shared, as well as actionable tips to take the first steps to create a school library that is inclusive and mindful of all learners.

Josh Vest

Strand: Online Teaching

Room 224 1:00-1:25

Virtual PE Instruction

In this session, attendees will learn about the structures used school-wide at Bentonville Schools Virtual School. The instructional focus will zero in on teaching PE virtually.

Tyra Hobson

Strand: All K-12

Room 225 1:00-1:50

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Chrome extensions are like little digital hacks that customize your Google experience. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish using them, making a teacher’s life a little bit... or a lot... easier.