Breakout Session 3

Amy Storer (FriEdTech)

Strand: General (All K-12)

Presented by

Ball Room 11:00-11:50

Getting the Best Bang for your Buck with Google Workspace Upgrades:

Find out more about the benefits and product upgrades available when you purchase Google Workspace for Education Plus. From increased security to extra features in Classroom, Google Workspace for Education upgrades gets you a terrific bang for your buck!

Michael Mills

Strand: All K-12

Room 213 11:00-11:50

Culturally Responsive Teaching using Mobile Technology

This session will provide opportunities for participants to integrate universal design for learning principles from the perspective of culturally responsive teaching, especially in the context of providing equitable opportunities for students and growing opportunities for teachers through the use of mobile technology.

Kristy Bentley

Strand: Teaching Elementary School

Room 214 11:00-11:25

Elementary Technology Tips and Tricks

This session will demonstrate ways to make teaching technology to elementary students easy and fun. A variety of tips and tricks will be introduced and free online resources will be explored.

Sherry Kennedy

Strand: All K-12

Room 214 11:25-11:50

Visme Unleashed

Do you need an engaging all-in-one content creation tool? Visme takes design and content creation to another level! Using visuals and presentation help grab student attention especially in online courses or e-learning formats, so putting together interactive course content and educational infographics is essential.

Visme is extremely easy-to-use, and is changing the way ideas are visualized and stories are told with the power of visual design, animation, and interactivity. Made for non-designers but still powerful enough for graphic designers, Visme combines simplicity, flexibility, and interactive features within a single platform, giving users everything they need within an easy-to-use online interface.

Lance Nail

Strand: All K-12

Room 215 11:00-11:50

A Comprehensive Guide to Utilizing Gimkit in the 21st Century Classroom

To engage 21st century learners, learning experiences must be created that spike the interests of students. Game-based learning is proven effective in engaging learners and enhancing student achievement. Gimkit is a new game-based online learning platform that provides a game within a game opportunity to help reach all students. Educators in this session will be given the opportunity to learn how to maximize this program to help make learning fun for even the most unmotivated students.

Peggy Swift

Strand: Teaching Elementary School

Room 223 11:00-11:50

In this session, you will learn how to turn non-productive class time into additional instructional minutes using powerful behavior-changing tools and techniques while building stronger relationships with your students.

In this jam-packed session, you will learn time-tested, research-based strategies and techniques designed to:

  • Improve student focus

  • Drastically reduce problem behavior

  • Increase instruction time

Kirsten Wilson

Strand: Building or District Administration

Room 224 11:00-11:50

Online Teaching Standards powered by 2gnoMe: Establishing a Strong Support System for Teachers, at Scale

How do you support more teachers with a more tailored and more high-quality professional learning experience in order to improve their teaching practice, job retention, and professional growth? Join us to learn how the NSQ Online Teaching portal powered by 2gnoMe facilitates system-scale, personalized professional learning, to simplify what districts are already doing to improve the teaching mastery (including incorporating Charlotte Danielson framework), meet certification goals, and improve retention. This session will be of interest to educators, K-12 leaders, as well as content and training providers.

Rainbow Bagsby

Strand: All K-12

Room 225 11:00-11:50

Providing Student Choice with Interactive Adventures

Do you notice students zoning out when they need to be paying attention and engaged? Are you looking for ideas about how to incorporate student choice into your instruction? Try using interactive presentations where students get to choose how to proceed in whole-class, small group, or individual interactions. In this session, participants will be walked through a Hear-See-Do method to create interactive adventures to use with their students. Participants will walk away with their own interactive adventure content.